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Social Media Services For Marine Products.

Social media services

NEW! Whitepaper on the importance of social media for marine products manufacturers, written by Home Port Global Director David Pilvelait. Click here to read it.

In addition to legacy PR, Home Port Global's comprehensive approach to building brands, developing distribution networks and sales of marine products includes social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. We create relevant, consistent, creative digital content geared to each platform that has measurable, short and long-term impacts for our clients.

To interest customers, digital content must be relevant, so the potential reach for each post can vary widely, depending on the goals - brand building or sales, lead generation, or web traffic. We estimate the potential reach for each social post prior to execution.

For example, the primary goal of a recent social media program for a new company with a range of innovative electronics products was to support the development of the global product distribution network. Consequently, with each post we were intent on reaching as many relevant marine industry professionals as possible who could make or influence the decision to distribute the company's product range. A series of posts for this client to Facebook and the relevant interest groups on Linkedin repeatedly reached more than 65,000 potential decision makers or influencers.

Retainer Option - Our social media services are available on a per-project basis and also for a fixed monthly fee based on a one-year contract. If your social media needs are ongoing, this is usually the most cost-effective option.

To get more info, email info@homeportmarine.com with Social Media Services in the subject line.

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